Piskies and Poppets

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I currently sell my work on Etsy. I can also be contacted via email: hufflepuffed1048@aol.com if you require any further information. 

I also use Deviant Art, Flicker and Blogger.

My name is Debie Lyons and I am a doll artist, sculptor and miniaturist. I have a background in teaching arts and crafts and a 1st Class Honours Degree in Contemporary Crafts.

I am a proud member of Artisans in Miniature (AIM).   I was  Froudian artist of the month for October 2008.

All of my work is original and I mainly produce one of a kind pieces.

I work totally from scratch, I do not use molds and work only with good quality materials.

I work in 1/12th scale and I also enjoy making pieces that are larger. I sometimes work in 1/24th scale.

I love all things fantasy, mythical and magical.

I hope you like what you see and if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact me.